Friday, February 3, 2012


So, I have a number of projects I am working on right now, on top of the usual stuff.
I am working to help get the word out about Service Dogs- reasons to have them, laws regarding them and, most importantly, how to behave towards one. The more encounters I have with ignorant people in regards to my dog, the more I am determined to educate people about them.
On a girly/personal note, I'm working on weeding out/improving my wardrobe, as I am currently avoiding wearing jeans, and my tomboy phase seems to be leaking completely out of my ears. I've been wanting some nice sleep wear and a robe that was actually pretty, and found just what I was looking for over at Pink Girl Vintage.
I also spent a small to medium size fortune on my beautiful truck today. The rear differential had to be replaced and, after quite a bit of run around from a few shops, we finally took her to the local dealership. Well over a thousand bucks and three discussions about finances later, I have my truck back, though it will still need a few smaller repairs to be as good as new. Hubby and I will be taking care of the air filter and windshield wipers ourselves to save money, though. I don't need to be paying for four hours of labor to have my wipers replaced.

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