Friday, February 17, 2012


I listened to a guided meditation podcast the other night, and, though it was very vague and open ended, I was still both very happy and surprised  to see where it led me.
The podcast discussed going down somewhere dark- a hole in the ground or a tree trunk, stairs, etc., and seeing a light in front of you, leading to "your sacred place". Once you got there, you found a box with a present for you inside.
This is how mine went:
I'm walking down a hill in Lincoln Park in Tucson, walking toward the forest. The sun is setting behind me, fast and beautiful. The sky is on fire with many colors, even as they slip farther and farther from the opposite horizon. I continue walking down the hill, and slip between trees to find a barely-there path that I know very, very well. Just as the last of the sunlight begins to fade from sight, I see light from a bonfire up ahead.
I am close- I can hear the drums and singing now. As I move still closer, I begin to recognize voices and identify guitars, tambourines and the bells some of the dancers like to wear. I hear hands clapping and feet stomping in time with the music. I'm almost there!
I step out of the trees and into the clearing. I get many nods and smiles of acknowledgment and recognition, but the music continues. I find a box in my usual seat on a boulder- it is a carved, unpainted wooden box with the zia sun symbol on it's lid. Opening it up, I realize the music has paused, as my friends watch me open my gift. It is a pair of beautiful silver earrings, with large silver spirals hanging from french-style hooks. Spirals are considered to be a symbol of life and of the sun, and I understand immediately the message both the box and the earrings are meant to send: This too shall pass, it is neither the beginning nor the end. This is their gift to me, the gift of friendship, love, and a constant reminder that I will never be alone in my trials, nor forgotten in my triumphs.
This place, with it's drums, music, dancing and friends, this is my sacred place. This is my heart.

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